How to Get Kids to Take Care of Their Teeth

Good oral health starts at an early age. When kids take care of their teeth, they’ll continue to do so for their lifetime. This prevents oral health concerns and ensures they enjoy a beautiful smile. How can you help the kids take care of their teeth and enjoy fewer cavities and oral health problems as a result? Use the following tips in your quest to help kids maintain good oral health.

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·    Be a good role model to your kids. When they see mom and dad take care of their health, they’ll be inclined to follow suit. Show them how to do it and rest assured they’ll take care of their teeth.

·    Offer sweets and treats in moderation. Sugar can lead to cavities and other oral health concerns. Offer crackers, cheese, celery sticks, and other healthy alternatives instead.

·    Tons of kid-friendly oral health products entice kids to take care of their teeth. From toothbrushes that sing to flavored toothpastes with cartoon characters, investing in these products helps ensure kids get their teeth brushed properly.

·    Make sure the kids brush their teeth twice each day using a soft bristled toothbrush and a pea size amount of fluoridated toothpaste for the over 3 age bracket. Help kids brush their teeth until they can do it themselves.

·    Schedule appointments with the kids dentist near me in Los Angeles twice each year. Adhering to this schedule prevents many potential dental problems and gives the kids a positive outlook on dental care. It is the recommended schedule put out by the ADA.

·    Purchase mouthguards and other safety products for our child’s teeth if they play sports, acrobats, etc. Chipped teeth are a common concern for this group of people but you can protect your child’s teeth!